2019 Season

IP = Innings Pitched                                                                                                            

B's = Balls Thrown                                                                                                               

S's = Strikes Thrown                                                                                                            

TP = Total Pitches                                                                                                                

API = Average Pitches per Inning                                                                                      

Hits = Hits given up                                                                                                             

HB = Hit Batter                                                                                                                     

BB's = Walks (Base on Balls)                                                                                              

K's = Strike Outs                                                                                                                  

ER = Earned Runs                                                                                                                

PO = Pick Offs                                                                                                                       

BB\K = Walk/ Strikout Percentage                                                                                    

ERA = Earned Run Average                                                                                                

BA\Pit = Batting Average against the pitcher                                                                   

%S's = Percentage of Strikes Thrown                                                                               

RA = Runners Allowed On Base      


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