The 2022 Lady Lions Booster Board of Directors


Athletic Director: Mark Feely (ex officio)

Head Coach: Sonja Reed (ex officio)

President: Dana Auvil
Vice President: Darcy Ritter  

S­ecretary: TBD

Treasurer: Patty Charbonneau

The Booster Club, officially named Lady Lions Softball, Inc., is 501c3 tax-deductible organization. FIN #: 84-3643035.


A Booster is:

  • Any person who has one or more daughters participating in the Leon High School Girls Softball Program shall automatically be a regular Member.  Each family shall have one vote.

  • Any corporation that desires to actively encourage and support the work of the corporation is eligible for corporate membership. Corporate members do not have voting rights.

  • Any person who has rendered eminent service in the advancement of the goals of the Leon High School Girls Softball Inc., as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation and these bylaws, may be elected to corporate membership.


Officers are elected by a majority of the membership. There is one annual meeting and regular meetings called throughout the year with advanced notice.           


The Board of Directors is responsible for supporting the goals, responsibilities and advancement of the softball program. They maintain complete books and records, financial statements, budgets, and expectations of its membership. They assist in raising funds and awareness of the program and support through donations and volunteer hours.